As titanium bike lovers, we are aware of the special character and exclusivity this material offers, so we want to have a close contact with you, recommended according to your preferences and guiding during the build phase, giving information and showing photos from the frame drawing, until we pack it and send it to you.

Once you have chosen your bike or frame, as well as the customizations, in order to start the production we must receive a first deposit of 50% of the total amount, which can be either by bank transfer or by Paypal, you decide.

When the bike is ready for shipment, you will be able to make the payment of the remaining 50%.


We ship worldwide, but our warehouse is located in Germany, so costs outside Europe will be much higher, for that reason we usually send only frames for our customers in outside Europe..

Shipping costs are not included in the bike prices.

Lifetime warranty

Hekla produces titanium bicycles of the highest quality and performance, for that reason and because we trust in our material, we offer in all our frames lifetime warranty and 5 years for the components

Any material has an useful life, which will depend on the use, manufacture and maintenance.Titanium is one of the most resistant materials in the world, but there is a very small possibility that in the manufacturing process occurs a failure. Therefore our responsibility is to restore or repair the frame no matterhow old it is and without cost to the customer. Hekla-Bikes sets the lifetime of their frames at 20-25 years.

This warranty does not apply if the bicycle has been damaged by improper use. If this has been the case we can also help to repair the bike.

The lifetime warranty is unique and non-transferable, so it can only be used by the first owner of the bike.


We are aware riding a titanium bike is something really exclusive and offers unique sensations which with other materials it is impossible to have, for that reason and to help you get the bike of your dreams, we offer a personalized service to build your ideal bike..

Customization is one of our strengths, so you can come to us with an individual design, geometry and components which you would like to have on your bike or directly tell us what your idea is so we can support you in your new frame.

Hekla-Bikes offers the possibility to return the product in 15 days if you are not satisfied, but not with customised and painted frames.


1.Hekla gives the possibility to return the product if in 15 days from the reception you are not satisfied. This will only be accepted if the bike or frame is in perfect condition and with the original box. In case of making a bicycle with a personalized box, this can not be modified, although if it returned for changes of components or other accessories..

2. Hekla frames are handmade by experienced technicians. This is unquestionable for us, because the welding of titanium tubes is one of the most complicated methods, so we only trust people with many years of experience and qualified.

3. The installation of the components and packaging for subsequent shipment is our responsibility, until the bike reaches its destination. It is our job to ensure that the material arrives in perfect condition.

4. In Hekla, once the decision and customization of the bike has been made and the first payment has been made, we will keep the customer informed at all times, showing images from the moment in which the frame has been created, going through the assembly of the components, to the packaging of the bike and shipping. In the same way, we like to receive feedback from our customers to know if the bike complies with that which is envisaged

5. All information, as well as prices, photos, specifications, etc. may be subject to change. If there are any changes we will inform the client in all cases.

6. The prices shown on the website are in Euros, including 19% MwSt (VAT in Germany). The final price does not include shipping costs or any customs duties.