¿Why titanium?

Titanium is a chemical element with unique properties of strength, low density, excellent fatigue, corrosion resistance and low modulus, and is therefore an excellent material for bicycle frames. Titanium is one of the most abundant materials on earth, but what makes it so desirable and so expensive at the same time is the difficulty of producing and processing


Titanium has great characteristics to create a bicycle frame, so those who have tried this material coincide in a great comfort and ease to travel miles with less fatigue. Titanium tubes have fantastic elasticity, but also stiffness when the tubes are wider, providing for example stiffness in the main triangle and damping feeling in the thinner rear tubes.


The elegant color and exclusivity of this material is unique and incomparable, so the vast majority of users and brands prefer not to paint the bike and show the titanium as it is.


It has the highest strength-to-density ratio of all metal elements, being as strong as steel, but with a much lower weight. Titanium has a very high resistance to fatigue, impact and corrosion, so it will never rust or deteriorate over time, humidity and water. Normally a well-welded titanium frame is for a all life.


Thanks to their density, we can create very thin tubes with a much higher hardness than any other material, which is the reason why titanium bicycles are so light. A titanium frame will never be as light as carbon, but only 200-400gr. heavier, but it is definitely lighter than aluminium and steel.


Titanium has a higher bending capacity than other materials, so it can be used in stays to absorb and reduce vibrations coming from the road. But this could be negative for example on the head tube or bottom bracket shell, as these are areas where stiffness is often needed. This is usually soldered using wider and in some cases shorter tubes to achieve stiffness even in titanium frames.

Here in Hekla-Bikes we love bicycles, but especially titanium bikes, so we take these points very seriously and are we are aware that a bike of this quality must be perfect for every cyclist, which is why we do not give up on creating frames with the latest technology, modern geometries and the best components for the bike..


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